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Get Access to Christian Expert Speaker Videos from the Christian Suicide Prevention Summit 2020.

25+ Experts Reveal How to Combat Christian Suicide: the Silent Enemy Creeping into the Church.

For immediate help Text TALK to 741-741 or call 1800.273.8255 + 1 for military.


Have you been feeling bored, down, unfulfilled, or just plain Blah? Has uncertainty & recent events threatened to wear you down? 

I've been there! And I believe JOY has transformative effects since it brought me out of the severe depression 10yrs ago.           I truly believe JOY can help you move forward & closer to the ideal YOU during such a time as this.

Take on this JOY challenge, you will not only learn but gain 3 tools to experience more JOY in your life. 

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Are your goals for the year on hold?

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In the Five Modules we help you:

- Rediscover your WHY

- Rediscover your Genius Zone

- Refine your Goals

- Refocus your Priorities

- Redefine your Lessons Learned

- Repeat the Positive Processes Properly 


Violet Detre is a Professional Christian Coach, Happiness Advocate, speaker & best-selling coauthor whose vision is for Christians to be the best version of themselves as they regain their passion for success and for life. Violet became a Christian at 8 years old but stunted by health issues, unfortunate circumstances and life’s challenges, she struggled with severe depression and multiple suicide attempts wondering if lasting joy & peace were truly attainable. Through her journey of recovery, she learned that it was possible to not just survive the day-to-day but to achieve personal fulfillment and thrive! 

Violet holds a Professional and Executive Master’s Coaching Certificate through an International Coach Federation (ICF) approved university and a bachelor’s degree in Education and Life Coaching from Liberty University where she studied Life, Health & Wellness, Financial, Marriage and Leadership coaching.

Violet was born and raised in Laredo, Texas. She’s been married for 24 years to her husband, a retired US Army veteran. They’ve been blessed to be able to travel throughout the United States and abroad.